Meds-CheckKeeping you safe

The Apple-Hills Meds-Check service is offered specifically for people who are taking three or more medications at a time. It is so important that the medications you are taking work well together and you are receiving the best benefit from your drug therapy.

An Apple-Hills Meds-Check provides you with a chance to sit down, one-on-one, with your Apple-Hills Family Pharmacist and receive a consultation regarding how to receive the best possible benefit from your medications.

A Meds-Check consultation helps you understand the medications you are taking and what they are supposed to be doing – ensuring you with better medication therapy.

Are you taking three or more long-term prescriptions, then you may be eligible for a free Apple-Hills Pharmacy Meds-Check.

Ask us about getting your own Apple-Hills Meds-Check today.

The Government of Ontario recognizes the value of this service and as such pays for any Meds-Check review for all Ontario citizens on three or more chronic medication