Tender “mini” 2 Infusion Set (2 month supply)

$ 260

The ACCU-CHEK Tender infusion set provides a variable insertion angle for insertion control and comfort. The ACCU-CHEK Tender ‘mini’ infusion set is the shorter-cannula version, with a 13 mm cannula that is nearly 25% shorter than the standard 17 mm cannula. Both ACCU-CHEK Tender infusion sets allow temporary disconnection.

Both are designed to work with all standard luer-lock insulin pumps like the MiniMed 506-508 pumps, Animas, and Deltec pumps. It is not compatible with MiniMed Paradigm pumps or insertion devices like the Sil-Serter.

Cannula: Soft Teflon®

Insertion Angle: Variable, 20 to 45 degrees

Connector: At-site

ACCU-CHEK Tender II configuration includes 10 complete infusion sets and 10 additional cannula “heads” to allow you to use two cannulas for each tube set, saving you money on primed insulin, and the time it takes to prime the tubing.


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