Tender 1 Regular Infusion Set

$ 160

The ACCU-CHEK Tender infusion set provides a variable insertion angle for insertion control and comfort. The ACCU-CHEK Tender infusion set features the standard 17 mm cannula. ACCU-CHEK Tender infusion sets allow temporary disconnection.

Designed to work with all standard luer-lock insulin pumps like the ACCU-CHEK Spirit or ACCU-CHEK combo, MiniMed 506-508 pumps, Animas, and Deltec pumps. It is not compatible with MiniMed Paradigm pumps or insertion devices like the Sil-Serter.

Cannula: Soft Teflon®

Insertion Angle: Variable, 20 to 45 degrees

Connector: At-site

Box of 10 complete sets.


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