Blister-PackagingApple-Hills Medical Pharmacy offers you blister packing services for multiple medications. Allow Apple-Hills Medical Pharmacy help you manage your complicated medication schedule by utilizing our professional blister packing service..

Your Apple-Hills Family Pharmacist neatly groups and packages your daily medication doses into the different pockets of the Blister Pack. Blister Packs can have several pockets per day so that you can keep track of your medications. Medications need to be taken at specific times during the day in order to receive the best benefit.

Are you taking three or more long-term prescriptions, then you may be eligible for a free Apple-Hills Pharmacy Meds-Check.

Ask us about getting your own Apple-Hills Meds-Check today.

The Government of Ontario recognizes the value of this service and as such pays for any Meds-Check review for all Ontario citizens on three or more chronic medications.